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?. How to choose the right mattress Cz 2

. How to choose the right mattress CZ 2 is the second part tutorial on choosing a healthy and comfortable mattress

This is the second part of the guidelines on choosing a healthy and comfortable mattress. The first part, which describes the different types of mattresses, you can find by clicking on the link: How to choose the right mattress? Part 1 Water mattress Useful for people with back problems and those with disabilities in rheumatism. Adapts to the body, but its main drawback is that it can raise. Although the dining room will be flooded, because the mattress is in a kind of protective bathtub, but it will damage it. In some water mattress can heat water - an ideal solution for a tough winter. They also include sections that do not allow free movement of water, much improved sleeping comfort. Foam Mattress It is very hygienic and resistant to deformation, but after prolonged use can permanently wgnieść. Its advantage is that it has good cushioning - if one person is rolling over on its side, the other feels. In spring mattress, the situation is quite different. Before buying check the hardness of the mattress. After the popular belief that hard mattresses are best for your spine, but now we know that this is not true, and too hard mattress even matter, because it compresses the blood vessels and causes muscle tension. Its hard to imagine a relaxing vacation in such circumstances, the night after the too hard mattress will be as tired as before going to sleep. Price should not be followed. The mattress is the cost for the year and will have a direct impact on your mood every day, but also your health. It is better to put more on it than to buy cheaper, but not enough. The size, in contrast to the price, it is very important. Should be longer than at least 20 cm, and if the slide down while sleeping on a pillow, it should be even more. It must also be wide enough so that it will not fall out of bed until it turns to the other side. If you restless during sleep, or simply want to have lots of space, choose a double mattress. If you are allergic, choose a mattress with a layer ACTIGARD ®, protecting it from the entry of dust mites and their proliferation, as well as the creation of dust. During the night, often sweat a lot, so that the mattress should be able to absorb sweat, but you pay for. Some are even mattresses wicking piping systems. By purchasing just lie down on the mattress and make sure you are satisfied. Lie on your stomach, back, turn on both sides. Sit on it. Parameters are not everything, you also have to test yourself before making a decision.

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