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How to grow miniature roses

How to grow miniature roses Miniature roses grow well in pots and look good in flats

Miniature roses grow well in pots and look beautiful in their own homes. The flowers are gathered in clusters of one or complete. They require full sun, grows to 36 cm. Take care Mini is a beautiful shrub roses decorating the room in which it is located. It blooms profusely for about two months, provided that the good moisture and bright light. During the period of plant growth should gain weight every 10 or 14 days for fertilizer rose in the concentration recommended by the manufacturer on the packaging. Watering them if need be, three times a week, and in winter once a week. The plant shines not only sprinkled flower pot covers and put on the stand filled with wet gravel. The ideal temperature for the development of the room rose to 22 degrees C. Soil and fertilizer requirements This plant grows and planted in clay soil mixture of peat. Keep in mind that the plant gain weight every 10-14 days and it liquid fertilizer to grow a rose in the proper land. Transplantation After all the flowering plants in the refrigerator in the room during the holidays, this period lasts about two months. Spring pruning shears cut in half last years shrub growth and transplanted into pots one size larger. When we truly cherish the rosebushes, they are rewarding the abundance of flowering. Pests and diseases This plant is often attacked by aphids and other diseases. We often see buds and stems small green insects are aphids, should be immediately sprayed with a solution of pyrethroids. Note that it is sticky wydalinie of aphids do not develop Sadžak. We know the fact that the young shoots appear black coat, sprayed with fungicide formulations. So, when we prepare the spray of leaves and flowers of white mealy coating. This is powdery mildew. In this case, the spray treatment should be repeated every 10 days to three times. When we saw the rose petals silvery-brown spots and they will be shredded, thrips feed on them, sprayed with a solution of pyrethroids. These plants can also suffer from black spot disease. We learn the fact that the leaves are large black spots with yellow halo. Saprol sprayed every 10 days for several times. We remove the diseased leaves and provide good air circulation in the room. Black spot disease is not treated causes the plant dies. When roses will have a magnesium deficiency is a means of leaf color is light green. In this case, use of fertilizers containing magnesium, and when the plant has a lack of nitrogen in the leaves are pale green with red spots. It also happens that the plant has too much calcium carbonate in the soil of the leaf turns yellow, you can use an iron fertilizer.

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