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How to reduce raspberry

In order to reduce the raspberry crop is a very important issue in growing healthy raspberry bushes

Circumcision is a very important issue in growing healthy raspberry bushes. This practice is actually preventing the spread of diseases and improves fruit quality and productivity. During the summer months, regularly remove any new growth occurs outside of the desired width, for plant growth. This will improve access to light and air flow in the branches of the internal order, which will flower next year. In addition, remove any branches that show any obvious signal, damaged by insects or disease. In late winter or early spring before the buds develop, remove all the old branches that bore fruit last year. They are characterized by a gray, scaly bark and no longer bear fruit again. Again, remove all the growth that occurred outside the specified area in crop plants. Maintaining the line width will provide adequate light and air circulation in the plant could release a healthy twig and reduce the risk of disease. Only the strongest branches, those with the greatest length and diameter of the base should remain in the series. Continue thinning until the remains of only four or five branches to 30 cm in the row. The remaining branches must be connected to a wired network, using the line. Finally, remove all residues from field crops. Vegetable waste can cause diseases and attract insects that can attack healthy twigs. Continuous fertile or autumn fruiting raspberries produce fruit late in the first year twigs. If they are pruned in the same manner as in the summer fruiting raspberries will yield given twice in one season, one in summer and drugorocznych twigs in the fall, the first year twigs. Constant fertile and raspberries can be implemented in order to give only one crop in the fall. You just cut all the branches, at the beginning of each spring. During the summer, cut all the new branches, which have developed out of a width as indicated, and then thinning of all other branches, so that it shares at least 15 cm, leaving the strongest. This technique reduces the work strongly associated with circumcision, but also eliminates the summer crop. Blackberries, when they came to their new branch 120 cm, the type should be canceled. It encourages the branches in the shape of the lateral branches that will yield the following year. Remove any branches that bear fruit. In early spring, thinning of the remaining branches, leaving only five to seven strongest. Cut the side branches and 12 buds and twigs to tie wire or bar in order to maintain the plant. Remove all waste from vegetable production areas, immediately after being cut and destroyed by burning them best. Leaving the dead branches in manufacturing plants, causing the spread of disease.

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