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How to clean furniture

How to clean furniture clean furniture primarily be carried out regularly

Cleaning furniture primarily be done regularly. It is not confusing if you have furniture with easy-clean surface and have a few trinkets, which are at the top. However, if we are in possession of unusual furniture cleaning and care can be a big problem. Here are some tips on how to take care of various furnishings. Painted furniture, wash cloth soaked in soapy water, detergent or ammonia, non-abrasive, with bran and water, rinse well and wipe dry immediately. For washing, you can use a solution made with 200 m of denatured alcohol and a few drops of ammonia. Vacuum waxed wood and nawoskuj, and when thoroughly dry - skin. Natural wood with a soft cloth, wiping along the grain, several times a year, wipe the 24-percent hydrogen peroxide, not darkened. Ash, chamois wipe moistened with water and wrung well, then wipe dry immediately. For cleaning, use walnut oil, leave it until the solution is absorbed, and then buff. For the bright ebony and teak, use linseed oil, leave, until absorbed, then the skin with a soft cloth. It is hard to reach places with a fat brush. Polishing, thoroughly wash with soap and degreased, rubbing half a lemon, then rinse and wipe dry. For nabłyszczyć surface, wipe with a solution of water with the addition of 2:00 to 3:00 tablespoons of ammonia and a few drops of the preparation of glass cleaner and gently wipe with a dry cloth. Wrought iron, vacuum brush, then wipe with a cloth soaked in kerosene, which prevents rusting. Painted iron can be cleaned with water and detergent that contains no abrasives, but keep in mind that immediately after washing them thoroughly rinse and wipe dry. If you want to look beautiful antiques never forget regular vacuuming, hard to reach places, such as any kind of gouging, clean brush. Do not use regular wood care products, chemical stores will find a selection of products for the protection of old furniture. In the event of significant contamination, wipe the furniture thoroughly wrung chamois soaked in a solution of three tablespoons of vinegar per quart of water. Chair with the seat or the back of the wicker cane should be vacuumed with a brush, then wipe with a solution of water and coarse salt handful of salt per liter -. Be careful not to wet wood. Durability of braided cane extend her rubbing half a lemon. To properly wash your stool, wipe them with a lot of water, salt, followed by exhibitions in the sun or dry hair, fibers that have fallen again. Use braided peroxide bleaching solution - 100 mL per liter of water -.

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