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How to make a decorative acorn globe

How to make a decorative ball acorns Autumn is the time when Mother Nature gives us plenty of inspiration for beautiful scenery

Autumn is the time when Mother Nature gives us plenty of inspiration in the beautiful scenery. Use your gifts. Take a walk in the park, bring home acorns, chestnuts, leaves, pine cones. Use them in the autumn of home decoration. For example, you can create a decorative ball head, and specifically of his hat. It is very easy. Just painted Styrofoam ball brown. Pull out the paper so as not to stain your countertop. Allow ball to dry. When the ball is dry, but it wound around a tape or ribbon. It kept the ball, which will be held. Both ends of the adhesive tape or staple them together. Remove caps from acorns. Then begin to take hold of one of the acorn cap on the ball. Obklej caps around. Allow to dry. He finished the ball hanging in the desired location.

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