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What plants to plant in a cemetery

Which plants to plant in Tombstone graveyard decorated with plants growing around it and the flower is unique, beautiful and should not be difficult to maintain

Tombstone is decorated around the growing plants and flowers is unique, beautiful and should not be difficult to maintain. You do not have to worry about when you decide to plant flowers around it, youll have to watch every few days. Evergreen plants with strong seasonal win, because it is winter and will continue to adorn the tomb and you will not need to protect them from frost. It seems an evergreen boxwood planted around the grave, so that makes halo. It grows very slowly, so you will not have to cut every now and then. This allows for different conditions and not too picky when it comes to the type of soil - enough to not be too acidic. Instead of evergreen boxwood can be successfully planted evergreen - the right plant with the tradition of the Middle Ages, it was decorated tombs. Framed with their blue flowers, which starts in late spring. Nice addition to any other plants will be miniature conifers. If you want to spice up a track, you can choose plants with different colors of pins - choice of golden-yellow, bright green and blue, as well as various forms - conical, round, scattered. Looks interesting tombstones adorned with shrubs płożącymi, or those in whom to place their branches at each other, such as horizontal Irga the autumn and winter seem small, round, red fruits. We also need to plant evergreen ivy, the plant okrywkową - will climb the side of the disc. Importantly, it is a symbol of eternal memory of the dead. You have successfully planted plants such as chrysanthemums and asters. For next year, in will be able to plant something else. If you can not come to the cemetery regularly, you should use a hydrogel. These are special polymer beads, exhibits excellent water absorbing properties. These beads are mixed with soil. They retain much more water from rain and watering your plants, and provide step by step. Think carefully about what you want to create a composition. It would be good if Professionails decent guide to garden and know the characteristics of plants that will sit. When planning a green theme and remember not to overdo the diversity of plants, because the effect will be counterproductive and every plant will look like it was a chance. In addition, if the track is a bit complicated, it must be easy.

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