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How to paint ceramic

How to paint porcelain hand-painted porcelain is very expensive

Hand-painted porcelain is extremely expensive. That does not mean you can not come into his possession. I made a pledge to trade with starociami. Invested in several colors of paint brushes and a set of china, which led to look beautiful dishes. It looks exclusive, right? Read this article and I will tell you how to paint porcelain to achieve an effect similar to mine. Nice Chinese painting and porcelain tableware is that anything that does not differ from drawing or painting on paper. You can use any color and draw different samples. My experience, however, that the white would look best painted in pastel tableware patterns. First you must prepare to paint pottery. Wash it and, over all the labels and adhesive residue, and finally dry. Prepare color. I used to paint Pebeo Porcelain Company, and is applied - it is very thick, the consistency of yogurt -. You will also need a marker for porcelain with rounded or bevelled top. I started my design paint directly on the cups and saucers, which indicates the photograph found on the Internet. But if you are afraid to destroy tableware, practice first on paper, drawing sketches for so long, until you reach the desired effect. Draw a sketch of a cup, using a marker on porcelain. As you can see in the picture, my design is mainly based on the contours of black and turquoise sea horse background. When the sketch Cup is ready, lets apply the paint colors - turquoise with me -. Remember that the color of porcelain dries very quickly, so carry a pack of tissues, in case you can quickly correct the mistake. If you want to thin the consistency of paint, to get an effect similar to the watercolor, dilute it with water. Try not to apply paint too thickly, it eventually begins to flake. When finished painting, let it dry cutlery about 24 hours. After this time place it in a preheated oven at 150 ° C. A detailed time baking on the package you will find colors. Color is nontoxic, and decorated vessels can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. The whole project is so simple that it can in this way to decorate all the cups and saucers, which are located in your home.

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