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How to eradicate pomonella

To eradicate pomonella Mol clothing, otherwise known as a mole or pier włosienniczkiem ubraniowym a bug who loves clothes

Clothes moth, otherwise known as a mole or pier włosienniczkiem ubraniowym a bug who loves clothes. Who does not love is an understatement. Deifies them, can not live without them. Of course, this is the bane of many a housewife. Mol makes our cabinets come to life. They become dark, mysterious cave. If you put on your clothes, are sure to be out of this place as a whole. It is extremely painful event, it is our favorite sweater May be deprived of light, or so-called glamouru. What to do in this situation? Of course, the best form of defense is attack. So be prepared for war against moths. It can be a long and tiring, but we ran with one goal: Our clothes are not moles! In this article you will find tips on exterminating moles. The first recall how the perpetrator. Body length: about 9 mm, wingspan 12-16 mm. Clothes moths are usually yellowish-beige color. Often with a slight sheen. These insects, which in a year can multiply very quickly. Therefore, it is important to prevent the population of this pest. It is worth mentioning that moths do not just live in the closet. They can also hide in attics or vacuum cleaners. At the beginning it should be noted that it is easier to use prophylaxis, rather than remove existing moles larvae clothes. So often it needs to ventilate our cupboard and appearing on his clothes. Pay special attention to the fur, because it is a favorite type of clothes moths. You can try different ways to use our grandmothers home. The first of these can involve intense odors. Mole hate heavy scents. Thus, the government should put a certain smell or dried herbs such as lavender, clove, or mint. Specifically, marsh tea can be recommended. It is a plant that grows in damp and marshy areas. It emits a scent that repels moths. Another way is to break into the cabinet ordinary newspaper. Why? Because moths do not like the smell of printing ink. This can effectively help in the fight against these insects. In addition, you can spread the pieces of soap in the closet. Top with lavender scent, but also check the usual soap. If the above methods will not work, use of special chemicals that are sold in specialty shops. Preparations of this type are usually not expensive. These measures are mainly in the form of strips, which hangs in the closet, or special naftalinowych balls. In addition, you can get a spray means to be a regular spray rack.

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