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How to get rid of snails

How to get rid of snails snails often cause considerable damage to gardens and words All words Exact

Snails often cause considerable damage to gardens and words All words Exact. They eat the very young leaves, roots and shoots. They curse and misfortune beautiful plants and owners struggle with them and other pests should be the simplest. Here are a few methods and tips on how to get rid of these uninvited guests from our garden. Beer Very simply snails love beer. Help, therefore, be it a delicacy, pouring beer in cans of canned food. Bury it in the garden, so that the edges are kept razed to the ground. Snails will be run at night for a beer in the morning you will find them but they are drowned. Discard the contents of the box and repeat the whole exercise until you feel that none of the snails was missing beer. Kava In contrast, snails hate brewed coffee and caffeine, which is precisely placed in it. Spray the leaves or coffee sprayed on the soil around the plants. Do not worry, even if the appliance does not scare the stubborn persistence of your garden, it will be useful as a fertilizer for plants. Trap Community Enter one or two tables on the lawn, in a quiet and very humid. Snails are homeless can take advantage of such accommodation in the warm days. Lift the plate and then scraped directly into a bucket of snails. About plants that are attacked by snails sprinkled with soot or ash. Shrinkage You can also wyzbierańá all snails if you just do not brzydzisz. This method requires much labor and time. Kill the slug just salt.

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