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How to remove stains

How to remove stains Are the sites on a daily nightmare for you babe likes to get dirty no matter what your requirements and if the threat does not let dust yourself time to seek the advice of the old and proven ways to remove stains?

Are there places on a daily nightmare for you? Your child loves to get dirty no matter what your demands and threats? If the powder does not give himself time to seek the advice of the old and proven ways to remove stains. Here you will find tips on home wywabiania and remove various stains. Ink stains Fresh stains should be washed with clean water, then washed in a detergent solution. If the stain is old, does not apply a paste of salt and lemon juice. Allow a few minutes, then rinse. The protein spots Were outta protein stains with cold or lukewarm water. Dried stains - dilute ammonia - be careful fabric colors -. Chocolate Stains Chocolate stains, please dampen the glycerin and rinse with warm water. Patches of hair color Contaminated clothing should be cleaned with oxygenated water with ammonia and then rinse well. Stains from tea Fresh stains should be immediately sprinkle with salt, then wash in hot water with detergent. Tea stains from wet glycerol and then washed a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide - 1% -. Rinse well. Stains from coffee Fresh stains should be immediately sprinkle with salt, rinsing, washing powder coat painted material and rinse with warm water. The old coffee stains from grease glycerol containing added spirit. Leave it for a longer period, from time to time re-dampened stain. Rinse with warm water should be. Blood stain Fresh stains should be soaked for about an hour in cold water, then rub the stain with detergent prepared from cellulose and alcohol. After one hour, rinse with lukewarm water. Blood stains can be removed by soaking it and a strong salt water solution - one teaspoon in half a glass of water -. Rinse with lukewarm water solution. Blood stains, remove with cold water and ammonia or hydrogen peroxide - 3% -. Stains with milk Stains should be washed in hot water with the powder. Stained area, you can also remove glycerin wsmarowując into it, and then dry iron, placing the material between the two cloths. From the delicate milk stains must be removed so that they erased with gasoline. Milk stains on fabrics from wool to remove the sponge soaked in a mixture of alcohol and ammonia - 2-1 - and a little salt. Rinse with lukewarm water. Spots on the fruit Never use soap for this purpose. If the stain is fresh, it should be washed very hot water. Fresh stains immediately with salt, then wash in hot water. Fruit stains should be soaked for several hours in sour milk or whey, and then wash in hot water. We can also expand with glycerol, and then, after a while, rinse thoroughly. Dried fruit stains can be removed by rubbing them well vodka. Remove any remaining traces of hydrogen peroxide with water and ammonia. Stains from fruit with white fabrics like linen or cotton, removed by soaking in water with chloride. As the stain remains, the material should be rinsed several times. Beer stains Beer stains wash in hot water. Remove stains with a mixture of alcohol and water - 1:1 -. We can also dampen the stain and rub with glycerine swab moczonym in hot water. Another yellow to remove hydrogen peroxide. Rust Stains should be lemon juice, leave for several hours, then rinse. Rust wool is difficult to remove. One way is to put the house on the spot a lemon slice and press through a cloth. Stains of tar Carefully scrape off a layer of tar and turpentine remaining spread, margarine or butter. Then place the bottom of the towel and cotton swab dipped in cleaning fluid to wywabiania fabric. Stains and candle wax Dried drops of wax should be scraped. Stained area should be placed on both sides of paper towel and then iron until the wax paper in the sink material. The fabric is washed in water with detergent. Oily stains If the stain is fresh immediately add salt, then wipe with a piece of sponge, salt, often changing. Oily stains from cotton fabric disappear after normal washing. Oily stains from fabrics other than cotton, which can withstand high temperatures, we can remove them with a sprinkling talcum powder, and compressing podłożony paper towel on both sides. We smooth potato flour and leave one day. After 24 hours, wipe off with cotton wool spots. Stains can rub the flour with the potato filling - Were outta this mess after a few hours. Also effective is the removal of greasy stains with alcohol or gasoline. Grass stains Fresh stains should be cleaned of grass vodka and older - Alcohol or gasoline. Applause for hot water. Stains from the pens Pen and ink stains can be removed by washing the stain with alcohol or warm water with lemon juice. Wine stains Fresh wine stain sprinkle a thick layer of salt. Rinse with clean water and remove the remaining traces of lemon juice. Fried with wine stains can be removed by bleaching of 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide. Also we can finally rinse with warm alcohol. Stains from the resin Carefully scrape away the dry resin. Beam lintels and door jambs must match the entire width of the door assembly. Immediately before installation, make sure the plaster is dry and the garage has a dirt or dust. If you plan to install automatic doors, do not forget to bring the electrical system. 10 cm for the machine to install an outlet equipped with a protective plug. This socket should be connected to a dedicated pair cable for 230V installations. Hinged doors take up much space, and not very comfortable to use. If you choose, make sure that before you have enough space for parking in front of the garage and give advice to open the door. They are inexpensive and easy to install. Overhead doors require much less space and easier access to sources wafting through your weight. They are usually placed on the overhead rails, but there are doors without them, which greatly simplifies installation. We can choose the door with one spring on each side, and the spring system. The second approach is more advisable, because if you break one of the two sources will result in tough opening. In the event of problems will be so difficult. Sectional doors are composed of several parts with a double-walled structures that are connected by hinges. Their big advantage is that the opening does not extend outside the building, so it works well in garages that open directly onto the street. They can be mounted in the top version, where segments of the slide parallel to the ceiling, and side, where the segments are moving along the walls. Great convenience of remote door open. It is possible for each type of door, with a wing. Youll appreciate them especially during bad weather or rush. This can increase the safety car because you do not have to get out of it, to open the door, and therefore do not tempt thieves.

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