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How to remove stains from nail polish

To remove stains from the nail polish painting Nail that job, as each of us likes

This nail painting job that each of us likes - because the end result counts, not the smell of paint. In any case, after years of painting your nails, the smell is no longer an ally of women. There is but one. Then, when we finished out of hand and we accidentally turned into an open bottle of furniture, clothing, carpet or floor. Consider the same number of times it happened. A lot, right? In such cases, you must know how to remove paint from various surfaces. Here are proven ways. Carpets and Planning Soak the carpet where the spilled paint. Use this 100 percent acetone or nail polish remover. After a while, put a towel on the carpet, and firmly press. Towel to absorb the stain. Mix 1 tablespoon of liquid dishwashing detergent with two cups of warm water. Using a clean white cloth, moisten the stain with liquid water. Rub until the liquid completely penetrated. Finally moisten the carpet with cold water and leave to dry. There is still something you can do. Need hydrogen peroxide. Mix it with water in 1:1 ratio and apply the stain. Spread the carpet in the sun for the day. Keep Wet Paint Put the prepared product. Color does not evaporate. At the end of the carpet, dry towel, picking up excess liquid. APPAREL Beauty petal soak in zmywaczu or acetone. Rub the stained clothes. As I remove the stain completely stop odplamiaczu clothes. Then wash and hang powder. Soak stain with nail polish remover, let it be very namoknięta. Wait a moment and then passes through the point of acetone. Continue until the stain disappears. Allow to dry. Then wash the clothes. You can also use liquid cleaners. Follow the stain from the edge to the center. Leave to dry and wipe with paper towels. As I have already completely dry, wipe with a soft cloth to soften the fabric. You can also use hair spray. Spray the stain and scrape off the polish with a soft toothbrush. Wipe the stain with paper towel and allow to dry. If wylałaś nail polish on leather or suede, do not worry. In this way. If the stain is old or scratched her nail file eraser. Do not forget to rub very gently. Easy to split.

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