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How to make a bench with blocks of wood

How to make a bench with blocks of wood Here is the original idea for the original bench

Here is the original idea for the original bench. Interestingly, imaginative and very eco nietuzinkowo. In addition to cool. Why overpay for wood benches when you can have a bench made from real wood, plus a nice and different from all available in stores. Find a good, big, thick logs of wood. Top of different but similar size. Clean your wood carefully sandpaper to smooth its surface. Protect anthelmintic impregnation of wood according to the instructions included in the package. Start your future painting benches. Paint the top of the first, and then on your side. Paint all previously selected blocks. If there is a need for the application of paint twice. You can also apply color to the painted wood. Keep in mind that the color should be dry by then. Ready-Set blocks side by side near the couch or in any other chosen location.

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