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How to choose a laundry detergent for kids

How to choose a laundry detergent for kids Naczytałaś story that the childs clothes should be washed only in special soap flakes or powder

Naczytałaś story that the childs clothes should be washed only in special soap flakes or powder. Still niedoprane, dull, etc. It is not true that you can not wash clothes in the regular powder. You just have to keep a few rules. Many manufacturers of cereal or washing powder for babies do not agree with these baby clothes can be washed in plain clothes in the powder with the rest of the family, but it is possible. Even the most active powder to remove most stains and odor nuisance does not irritate babys skin condition that things will be well rinsed. Most rinse thoroughly rinses. To check the sensitivity of the babys skin to make a simple test. Put one of your clothes to wash. It should be a matter that bears directly on the body. Use as a traditional washing powder. Setting up the machine on extra rinse and spin. Traditionally uprasuj ciuszek and put on the child. Observe his skin for several days, if not a rash you can safely wash the rest of his clothes and his. If you notice a rash, wait and try the finer dust, or odors. It can only say that this child is allergic.

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