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How to secure against cockroaches in the house

Safe to combat cockroaches in an apartment How to get rid of cockroaches easy way

How to get rid of cockroaches? The easy way. Measures to control cockroaches is a huge deal, but not always worth investing. Many insecticides to control cockroaches can be harmful to our children and pets. Here are some natural ways to combat cockroaches. Regularly clean your home. The only reason why cockroaches are present in the home is the fact that they have constant access to food. Food particles, which are under the bed or floor, which contributes to the invasion of cockroaches. If you remove food crumbs and stains from spilled drinks, food source removal of cockroaches. Clean your cabinets, tightly close all containers for food and make sure that all surfaces are clean. If you do not crush, drink stains on the surface creates a layer of sugar. Cockroaches are attracted much sugar. Stir together sugar and boric acid in equal proportions. Boric acid can be purchased at most pharmacies and trade of chemical products. Boric acid kills roaches and is completely safe for humans and animals. Usually available in powder form and can be purchased for a reasonable price. There are a number of domestic measures to combat cockroaches, and it is really effective. Put the mixture of sugar and boric acid in areas where it will be visible. Cockroaches are to remain under the refrigerator, household appliances and dark cabinets. When cockroaches will eat sugar, boric acid, put them on their feet. Cockroaches will carry it into the slot, which will hopefully kill other animals .. Boric acid is one of the best natural ways to kill cockroaches. Many companies use it as an integral part of its insecticides.

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