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How to make a rock garden waterfall

How to make a waterfall in a rock garden can become a special attraction of a small waterfall in the garden of rocks

A special attraction can become a small waterfall in a rock garden. By creating one must not forget that in this place makes me totally different LIMAT. Here are some tips on how to organize a rock garden with waterfall. Plan your route to the waterfall before you plant the plants. You will need a special drawer in the form of beautiful cascades are organized into several levels. So water is constantly moving you have to connect the pump - available in garden shops -. Selection of vegetation. The edges of the tank can be filled and primrose niezapominajkami spurge and mud, reeds hung low, they will also grow and Berge and low ferns and all alpine plants. For such a small tank of water flow can also let the fish, they look really nice.

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