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How to wash clothes Proven tips.

?. How to wash clothes Proven Tips Laundry is rarely at home favorite job, but like it or not, every person engaged in the house and has to deal with this task

Wash your favorite home rarely work, but like it or not, every person engaged in the house and has to deal with this task. Fortunately, there are a lot of good tricks on perfectly clean cloth. Selection of detergents, pay attention to their composition. If you care about the environment, avoid especially phosphates. But if youre at home are just smoking or allergies, choose funds specifically dedicated to sensitive skin prone to irritation. For the final rinse softener instead add a little vinegar. Thanks to this machine is soft, and not to pollute conscience. A distinctive smell of vinegar quickly aired during drying. Wash curtains consider adding a handful of salt. In this way they will be clean and white. If the last wash add a little sugar, the curtains are well supported and well be present in every window. It should have a house with a soap solution. His decision is very simple, just prepare a dish with water and throw away all the soap scum. An economical and practical. If you struggle with oily dirt on the velvet collar, just treat it a little gas and it will be clean again. Other dirt from collars and cuffs, remove them by rubbing with soap to wash. After 10 minutes brush to clean the entire nail. Then we put the shirt in the wash. After removing the washing machine will clean anywhere. Velor clothing, especially recently in vogue again with velor track suits, you should wash the left side between the flocs are then there is no dirt. If you want to restore the yellowed whites, soak it in buttermilk, then wash as normal as ever. If you have problems with patches of sweat, which is the odor, wash first with water and vinegar. Best to collect socks, put a pillow case and wash it. In this way we have to look after a pair of socks. Pillowcase or in a separate bag to wash delicate lingerie and stockings. If you want to change the look of his dark jeans, a washing powder to add the baking powder. Material to brighten. Sweater with angora and mohair and hand wash only in the sensitive shampoo and warm water. Remember to always wash thoroughly before trash empty all pockets and zippers zasuwańá all, who can begin to stutter.

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