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How to reduce your bonsai

How to reduce your bonsai pruning bonsai plays a major role in shaping the look of the tree

Pruning bonsai plays a major role in shaping the look of the tree. We must bear in mind that not every kind of wood suitable for each style. Bonsai pruning affects not only the future but also the appearance of trees on his health. It is therefore important to know how to cut so as not to damage it. First, you must make sure it is really convenient time to trim a bonsai. There are many kinds of trees can be pruned throughout the year, but there are those who need it the appropriate time of year. If you do not know when to cut your tree, check online. Keep in mind that everything you do from the bottom of the tree will be reflected in the upper part and vice versa. If you trimmed a lot of twigs and leaves, leaving at the same time without cutting the roots of the bonsai for the next season, your tree can grow very much. Keep in mind that the system and the crown of spices, there must be balance. If this balance is disturbed, the bonsai will try to return it. The roots should be 30% higher than the leaves and twigs. If you want your bonsai to overdo it grew into a larger pot to allow for root growth. If your bonsai is a coniferous tree and not cut them with scissors cut fingers. Such wyszczypywanie new green shoots - not wood - resulting in better incorporation of branches. Production of new shoots will be faster than cutting with scissors. Pruned all the stems that go beyond the fixed form of bonsai and grow on top. Usually the stems are cut on the third list, but it depends on the type of wood. In addition, the most important form of the tree. The stems should be cut in such a place, that the shape is maintained. Deciduous trees should be cut with scissors. However, if the momentum is very young can make your fingers. Keep in mind that a bonsai tree is never done. It is a living tree that is still changing and growing. Therefore, one should always be cut. If not we will do our bonsai will become just Bush. Many people seem to buy it as a beautiful bonsai is enough to put them in plain water and a flower. They are afraid to cut it so it does not destroy the tree. Such action is a waste of bonsai - and money - sometimes very large tree that we paid for -.

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