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How to remove hair from your clothes

How to remove hair from your clothing with a cat in your home you probably know what it means to be full of his hair around, especially early in the spring and fall

Once the cat in the house you know what it means to be full of his hair around, especially early in the spring and fall. Also attached to their clothes. Here are tips on how to get rid of it easily. If you have not bought a cat to take into account the fact that it longhairs leave more hair than those with short hair. In addition, more lazy cat is older than the young. Also the color of fur is not without significance, for example, white hair are especially visible on a dark sofa or carpet. An excellent device for removing hair from your clothes is the roll of duct tape wound. You can buy it in stores, and it is very easy to use. If any clothing we have a tremendous amount of hair your pet I recommend throwing clothes in the washing machine with a tea towel and turning the machine spin cycle, and better still if you have a washing machine with dryer. Only about 5 minutes. The canvas should collect hair from clothing because the texture is slightly rough. Disassemble przywierć wheels on the bottom shelf. Go to the shelf finished in a well ventilated shelf and colors. The best spray paint. The truck will form a single unit with a shelf. If necessary, apply another coat of paint. Completed time to hang on the wall.

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