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How to reduce the fruit

How to cut fruit following article is about pruning fruit trees

The following article is about pruning fruit trees. It is important to know that the fruits are formed on shoots during the second year or later. The main goal of pruning is to achieve balance - about half and half between the recording of this year and last years shoots. Trim is to ensure a good harvest of fruit in the current year and enough to shoot for next year. Great importance is also the period in which tree cutting. Pruning fruit trees in winter, causing them to stimulate and thus are more active in the following season. While trimming trees in the summer means that they grow less during the growing season. Read the instructions below and youll learn how to trim fruit trees. The first crop. They should be held immediately after planting the tree, usually around November or December. The trees are of different ages cut in different ways, because it depends on their stage of development. Trimming of trees a year. One tree should be cut immediately after transplanting. Sharp scissors trimming, trim the top half of the stem. However, before attempting to cut, be sure to shoot Dolan has at least four young buds or lateral branches of the printing. If not, you have to trim the tree a little higher, so that the remaining four donuts. Two-year tree trimming. Two of the trees should be pruned between December and February. The area marked on the drawing color is pink tree growth in the previous year. This area should be reduced. All side shoots, marked with black, should be trimmed. Side shoots should be cut just above the outer root. This Bud will enable the production of new shoots in spring, so that the crown will spread further from the center of the tree. Three-year tree trimming. Just as a tree for two years, the trees pruned three best from December to February. The parts are marked with pink trees przyrosły in previous years, and they should not be pruned. All the young shoots should be trimmed in black. Young shoots are always cut just above the bud. Trimming four trees. Four trees were cut between December and February. Like trees, two and three years, pink marked increase from previous years, which should not be pruned. Marked with black young shoots, which should be shortened by cutting donuts. For trees four years, you find that the May shoot from previous years have or fail, in which case it should be reduced to a healthy place. Trees five years. Trees five years are considered mature, their shape is defined. Trimming of trees for five years and older should be based on the removal of diseased and withered shoots and thinning of the crown, so it is relatively clear and fruits have a place to grow. Do not forget the fact that fruit grows on shoots from the previous year, so you have to always leave a little on the tree bore fruit every year.

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