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How to dry flowers

How to dry flowers Dried flowers can be arranged throughout the year

Dried flowers can be arranged throughout the year. Can be hung to dry or put in a box with a desiccant, which perfectly preserves cereal, donuts, etc. The method of drying flowers hung: Poucinaj zasuszyńá flowers you want, preferably during the bloom is just beginning, and the buds are half open. Remove the leaves from the bottom of the stem, leaving only those below the flower head. Last for about 8-10 flowers and tie with string or rubber band. Hang the flowers arranged in the air down into the ventilated space. After 10 days - when it is warm - the flowers should be dried. If you have multiple bundles to dry, be sure to leave some space between each other. This will ensure better access to air throughout the bouquet. Drying method in the box: Step 1 Mound in the box clean, dry sand or silica gel or borax. Step 2 Place the flower heads down. Perfect drought this way dahlias, roses and tin. Step 3 The rest of them covered with sand, borax, and is completely covered. - You will have to hold them until they fall asleep the whole head should hold the flowers upright -. Step 4 Place the box in a cool, dry place for two weeks.

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