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How Patency of tubes

How Passability pipe would be best to avoid straight through the tubes, especially in the kitchen is very difficult to achieve

It would be best to avoid straight through the tubes, especially in the kitchen is very difficult to achieve. If you have a problem with the tubes attached below youll find tips on how to fix a clogged sink without calling the plumber. Delete the pipe with chemicals Prepare a solution of 1/3 cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar. Mix everything in a pot. Wait until the chemical reaction and pour everything into the sink / basin. After 5 minutes, then rinse with warm water. You can also try to spray the pipe with boiling vinegar. If these methods fail, try Crete, etc. Pipe Przepychaczka Before odtykania sink, basin and bidet, the plug with a wet sponge or cloth outlet. In the case of triple sinks in the second chamber, not only to connect overflow opening, but also the outflow. Pour enough water to drain, you clean, everything is covered. Place the plunger on the drain and press several times on the tube is increased pressure, then release and let the water runoff into the drain. Repeat several times, until the time when you see it flowing quite freely. Try where possible be cleaned regularly sink trap. Scratch beneath a large bowl or bucket, unscrew and adjust the drag strip. Clean the trap and clean it under running water - in the second sink - and if you do not have that option - in a pot full of water. Remove the pipe connecting the tank trap. Then, using a bent wire or a special spiral pipe cleaner to remove plaque and debris. Twist the pipe cleaners to help remove debris blocking the pipe. After completion of the felling unscrew the tap drain trap and let the water run slowly.

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