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How to clean up the environment . Power of lemon

How to clean up the environment

Did you know that acid in the lemon helps the local ranks. Great remove dirt and rust stains. Citric acid is a particularly strong work in cooperation with the salt. When sparring these two components in order to get a super cleaning paste which transcends all. Kitchen countertops. Section of a lemon in half and dip the cut part baking soda. Then rub with lemon leaf as a sponge. Then wipe the yeast on top with a damp cloth or sponge and wipe dry with clean cloth. Do not, however, if your countertop is made of soft stones such as marble or stainless steel. Cutting boards. To remove stains from clear plastic or wooden cutting boards just a lemon. Cross it in half and squeeze the board. Then rub half a lemon cut lumber and leave for twenty minutes. After this time, wash with detergent Committee. SHIP. To strengthen the work of washing-up liquid just add to them a bit of lemon juice. Taps. Department of lemon in half. Ga cleaned and battery tap scrub the skin clean items. Leave the tap for the night and morning, clean and polish with a clean, soft cloth. Joints. If your cleaning residue will require a decent lemon. Mix lemon juice with 2 tablespoons of potassium hydrogen - Tatars -. Combine both ingredients and thoroughly clean the grout with a toothbrush and ready to mingle. Then wash it off. Hands. If you are bringing your hands smell of fish, which przyrządzałaś, the smell of onions or anything else you can get rid of it just with a little help from a lemon. Section of a lemon in half and rub your hands with lemon. Smell should disappear. WASH. To be even whiter than white add fabric softener in half cup of lemon juice. Plastic containers. To get rid of food stains on plastic containers do not rub the cut of half a lemon and leave to dry in the sun. Then wash as usual.

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