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How to choose a carpet

How to choose carpet rug in position inside one of the quickest ways to change the decor in the room

Place the carpet in the interior is one of the quickest ways to change the room decor. If doszłaś to the same conclusions, but have no idea how to choose a carpet that will be most appropriate, let your little advice on this issue. Size One common error is to choose a carpet, the size is too small compared to the dimensions of the interior. At the same time it is recommended that the distance between each edge of the carpet and the wall is at least 90 cm. This allows easy opening and closing doors. The situation is somewhat different when we want to buy a carpet in the dining room - if you ever decide to put a rug there -. Then it is necessary to measure the dimensions of the table and each side, add at least 120 cm. Carpet so charged shall not be moved, if we want to move the chair. As for the carpet in the hallway, it should be about 10 cm narrower than the width of the corridor, and 45-60 cm shorter. Carpet must be wide enough that a person who goes after him, she can walk on two legs, instead of going with one foot on the carpet, the other on the floor. Model In this case the principle is simple. The more samples you have in your room - patterned furniture, curtains, accessories - should be less patterned carpet. Similarly, if the room is subdued furnishings and accessories, carpet samples in a quick and easy way to restore the entire interior. Color Selecting the color of carpets should be guided by generally accepted rules for combining colors. The color of carpets should tie together all the different colors that appear in the interior. You must also fit in nicely with the color of the floor. Using a carpet can also shape the reception of visual space in our room or living room. The bright carpet makes the room look spacious, dark - optically it decreases, which is more intimate. Remember also to consider how often and how intensively they use the room. The bright carpet in the room, where every day there are children all the time that animals can not survive the test of time. Form Do not assume that the carpet has to be rectangular. Let the way they are arranged in groups of furniture, carpet determines the shape. Carpets, oval, square or round many interesting features of the traditional square walks a native of PRL. Pile height Carpet is usually added advantage throughout the interior. Keep this in mind when deciding the amount of his fleece. Fluffy, soft carpet is ideal for bedroom or living room, but in the hallway or room, where often you are you, child, dog, youll only cause trouble. In these areas better suited for short-pile carpet. Focus Carpets are not only differ in color or size, and motives. If your carpet does not have a central place of peace, do not select this recital, which is concentrated at one point. Otherwise, you will destroy all pre-planned schedule, you set up a central point in the interior will seem secondary. More than a carpet? If the device is a large room - like a living room - you can afford a place where more than one rug. Carpets can designate areas for conversation or relaxation. However, keep in mind that the colors should harmonize with each other - not necessarily the same, but they should be nice to each other -. For best results, we recommend to choose carpets of different sizes and shapes. The sheer size makes your interior visually divided in half.

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