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How to plant radishes

How to plant radishes originating from China, radish, reached the Mediterranean Sea area, even before the time in Greek

Originally from China, radish, reached the Mediterranean area before Greek times. Radishes are a staple food in Japan and China, where they are often pickled in brine to preserve for a long time. Radishes are ideal for the amateur vegetable gardener, perfectly adaptable to most soil types, quickly reach maturity and grow very well among the higher vegetables. Radish is also very economical. Radishes are also an excellent way for children to read the garden - buy a packet of radish seeds mixed in April, plant them early in the month of various shapes and radishes will be ready to eat in May. Where to plant radishes. Radishes like the sun, but prefer cooler conditions. If grown in full sun during the summer, the seeds will dry out or grow too fast. For this reason, they are ideal for growing the company, among other vegetables such as peas or beans. In the spring and late autumn, when they need sun most of the radishes, peas or beans will be a short or shortened, while in more hot months, will provide welcome shade for your radishes. There is no need to forbid them to grow vegetables, among other things, they will also grow among the shrubs - like roses - and plants - such as sweet peas -. Prepare the soil. Soil conditions for growing radishes are very simple. What is needed is a well-dug soil to a depth of 15 cm and contain no rocks or fresh compost. During excavation, add two handfuls of bone meal per square meter and mix it into the ground. Soil preparation should ideally be completed in about a month before planting, but do not make much difference if you do the planting. When you plant radishes. Judge Small amounts of radish seeds, but often, providing a steady supply of radishes, instead planted a large quantity - radishes do not remain in the soil and mature. For summer varieties, planting to start in the middle of April and continue with trzytygodniowymi break until September. If you have access to the planting of shade, you can begin the process in March. For winter varieties, planting to start in late July trzytygodniowymi break until September. Radishes in containers. Radishes are very well adapted to include them in containers. They can be planted among other plants, which will protect them from the hot summer sun. Make sure only that they are well watered during dry months, and everything will be fine with them.

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