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How to remove chewing gum from clothing

How to remove chewing gum from clothing from the following article you can learn how to get rid of chewing gum from clothing, to which, unfortunately, often rubber hits

From the following article you can learn how to get rid of chewing gum from clothing, to which tires are often sadly lacking. So how to go about it, not destroy our favorite blouse or pants? The ideal solution seems to be nie┼╝ucie tires. But its probably stronger than us. Therefore we must be able to cope with the tearing of clothes. Try to get rid of the tires by scraping with a blunt knife. How to do it so it does not destroy the clothes? Put them in the freezer to freeze the gum. Then you can easily get rid of the tires. But sometimes you need to make further and completely get rid of the tires or in this case instead of stains on it. Take a clean white cloth and soak in odplamiaczu. Then apply the patches after chewing several patches soaked with this measure. Wash your clothes at the highest temperature that the fabric can withstand. Repeat as necessary.

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