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How to create within the ecostyle

How to create an eco-style interiors great technological advances and bustle of big city means that more and more likely to return to what is natural and healthy

Huge advances in technology and bustle of big city means that more and more likely to return to what is natural and healthy. Air of peace and harmony, for which we yearn, we can easily get decorating eco-style home. Eco style stems from the need to protect the environment, timeless and very fashionable now. He controlled every aspect of life - food, health care, and now it has reached our homes. Eco interior is synonymous with order, peace and prosperity. Following a few simple rules that will create ideal conditions for rest and peace after a busy day and come closer to nature in the four walls. First of all nature Eco inspired by nature, and thus the basis for setting the style to mitigate earth colors: beżami, brown, green, żółcieniami and color of the sky. Step inside the sun a lot and end up with natural materials - wood, stone, ceramics, cotton, linen, wool and leather. In the absence of large windows to get the effect of clean room painting the walls white. Avoid such artificial colors, recycled materials and high contrasts. Get a nice atmosphere with wooden furniture, wicker rattan and wicker, which can blend with modern furniture in. Organic does not mean boring Organic Style is not to be confused with an idyllic rural style - eco solution allows implementation of cutting-edge solutions and to offer opportunities for creativity. Quietly, in the not to be boring or expensive. Only skillfully selected additives, which stands against a neutral background. It works perfectly plants or velvet wall decorations with natural designs. These additives do not win, but they add character. Bearing in mind the simplicity and purity eco-style, we can decorate the house originally, air will be put in a good mood every day.

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