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How Pufe

How Pufe See how easily you can make yourself a nice Pufe

See how easily you can make yourself a nice Pufe. These chairs are very useful for an evening of watching television, the childs room to read the book and what you only dream of while. Below is instructions on how to sew Pufe. Why spend a fortune on a chair in the stores, if you would take it easy. On cardboard, draw a triangle with dimensions of 20 cm and 35 cm base of the hand. These dimensions can, of course, vary depending on whether you want a smaller or larger Pufe. With these dimensions of the triangle will eventually have a footstool about 43 inches in diameter and height about 25 inches. Draw a triangle cut, as shown in the figure on its dimensions are 15 cm and 30 bases hands. Ready to cut out the template and odrysuj him Pufe 24 pieces plus 24 pieces of muslin. If you use different colors, cut into two triangles for each color. Then arrange them neatly arranging the order of colors. Place a piece of muslin flat on the table. On the right side of a piece of cloth laid on Pufe. On the right side to put down another piece of material on Pufe, and replace a piece of muslin. Attach one side of the needle. Then staple tense on the machine side. From the very beginning ... ... Up to the end. Distribute a piece color is connected to the bottom and sprayed him from muslin, leaving paint on the other side. Turn the pieces sewn on the right side. In one of them put right down to another piece of fabric in color, and the muslin. Attach the needle. Then staple the machine as before, and then leveled and sprayed. In this way, adding and connecting portions of the material. After suture half round piece of material should be close. Edit color to another wheel must be placed in the opposite direction. Sorted materials together in the same way as the previous one. If you are doing one or two colors Pufe have an easier task, because you do not pay much attention to the colors. This is done items sewn on Pufe. Put one wheel flat right side up and not put the other side of the wheel right down. In this way, the materials will be in touch right hand, and will be omitted. Fasten the two circles around the needle. Staple the two pieces together, leaving about 20 centimeters niezszyte. Then sprayed seams. Now turn the right side of fabric and stuffed with wool. Come to as much wool as you think. But well, if not sanctioned pouf, but well filled, but the good that was not too too hard. Given the above quantities of wool should be enough. Then sew up the hole left behind. For a long, thread sewing needle thread tying it firmly to the end of washing. Blast your way through the center of the puff at the other side. Pull the thread tight to measure Puff easily entered. Then, on the other hand also install the seal and tuck Pufe to be in the middle on both sides of these holes are created. The pads do not cover their naszywajÄ…c buttons. So it looks like an approximation. Voila! Pouf ready.

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