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How to easily wash windows

How to easily wash the windows of Easter, but almost there

Easter is coming now. When you look at the next block or house, we see that more people washing windows on this occasion. After all, spring to wash the windows of dirt, resulting in unprecedented winter rains and melting snow. Easter is such a big motivation. But do not take it easy and comfortable for when we have a big house - even with less is not an easy nut -. In the meantime, if well organized, clean the windows may not be torture. The only thing we need is a bit of solidarity and responsibility. So do it! If you have a big apartment, and many family members, we should not dump all the work for one person. The fair distribution should be carried out. Best to let every one window washer. If family members is less than the window, you also need to somehow get rid of. We can even use the schedule possibility, not only to wash the windows, but also for other activities. Who has most to do, you should get in this situation from the window. Let there be a uniform distribution. If you live alone and feel that you wash all the windows will be your problem and there is no way! Invite a friend to yourself / friends. Let us first will help you to wash your windows, then you can bet on coffee and cake. After the hard work you will be able to sit down and talk. In addition, show that you can even help to clean the windows in his home. In this way, the robot will be faster, more comfortable and pleasant conversation ended with something delicious. If you already have an established plan of action, time to implement it. Pour into a bowl of warm water and add the liquid to wash windows or Louis. Take a rag and soak in the solution as described above. Start cleaning the window frames, and then clean the glass. When finished, dry paper. Then take a paper towel and liquid of Mr Muscle shines. Psiknij in a few places and wipe with paper towel, polishing glass. Look at the track. Highly placed windows clean, standing on a ladder or using a special tool for cleaning with a long handle. It is so easy?

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