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How to Make a festive napkin rings strip Nicholas

How to Make a festive napkin rings

Plan your table for the holidays. Do not wait until the last minute. You might want to already think about the decorations. Christmas table is a very important part of the celebration. This special evening during the year, and therefore must have a unique design. Make napkin rings in the form of tapes and thus Nicholas decorate your festive table. With a red felt, cut out the strip of no less than 6-7 cm in length and not more than 20 inches. From the white felt, cut two strips and a black one and the same length as the red tape, but much thinner. Black stripe in the middle of the rod red stripes. White along the edges. From creative to cut a small piece of wire and formed into a square buckle belt imitation of his pants. Keep it on the black strip of felt. Ready to give up the roll bar and staple or glue ends together. Fold the napkin and put the tube inside the ring. Make as many rings as you are planning to have guests.

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