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How to treat wood

How to treat wood wax is used to protect wood and its finish

Wax is used to protect wood and its finish. Beeswax has been used for centuries to finish wood furniture and other items of wood, until the invention of more modern means. But they are based on the same action. The best wax to the furniture maple, but perfectly able to handle the others. How to go about waxing wood? How to do it properly? Here is a brief introduction. Buying a good remedy for hair removal. Make sure that you treat wood is polished and free of dust. Wipe with a damp cloth, but wait until later, when the dry-up. Apply a small amount of wax with a clean cloth. Massage it in circular motion to distribute the entire layer of wax on the waxed surface. Leave overnight in the wax to dry thoroughly. Re-polish wood with a clean cloth. You might ask why. Not only remove the excess wax. Then change the cloth, then polish the surface to shine. Repeat the above two more times.

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