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How air freshener and fabric

How do air fresheners and fabric, and even holding a budget, you can have every day fresh, fragrant and clean the carpets, curtains, bedding and furniture

Even keeping to a budget, you can have every day fresh, fragrant and clean carpets, curtains, bedding and furniture. All this for a home air freshener and fabric. Its application is simple and inexpensive. You never want to spend money on chemical spray air fresheners! Prepare an empty spray bottle and fill it full with water. Add fragrance oil in an amount to achieve the desired flavor. The choice of fragrance depends on you. You can use the fruit or flower fragrance oils - 6PLN cost - or essential oils. The latter have a stronger flavor, so use them less. There are a few pounds more expensive, but it is much more efficient. You can make some air fresheners, each with a different flavor, or mix together several flavors, depending on taste. After adding oil, shake the bottle several times in the whole mix well. Near freshener spray curtains, furniture and carpets or spray in the air. In the same way you can make a body spray. Just keep your hand in the proper amounts of spray bottles to cosmetics in all flavors you like. Enjoy!

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