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How to replant a cactus

In order to exaggerate cactus seedlings cactus is not a trivial task

Transplanting a cactus is not a trivial task. To be safe for us and for our plants follow a few simple rules. when the ground is salty and cactus root rot is visible. This country needs change, which will allow further development of our factory. I hope that my way to facilitate this task. Our cactus on the table prepared foil balloon - assuming gloves -. Carefully insert odkrajamy knife edges, being careful not to damage the roots of our plants. Gently wrap the plant with a wrap up to 2 times -. We put a cactus horizontally and remove from pan. The excess of the old soil should be rejected. We are preparing a new pot, which should not be too much larger than the old. At the bottom of the dish drain and pour a handful of fresh earth. Then put your cactus in a pot - so that we can touch the foil cactus without fear -. Bestow the edge of the soil pots and stirring spoon. When the whole pot, fill the earth, we can remove the foil carefully to avoid damaging the plants. Finally, water the cactus.

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