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How the heart of lavender potpourri

In the heart of lavender potpourri tutorial on how to make your own fragrant lavender filled heart

Tutorial on how to make your own heart is filled with fragrant lavender. The heart is the perfect addition to the interior decorated in Scandinavian style and Provence. Prepare all the things that will fill your heart. Dried lavender flowers can be bought ready made. The card stock or thick paper, draw another heart. To be proportionate, fold the paper in half and draw a half, then cut to give a perfectly equal to the heart. If a drawing is not your forte, you can also print out your heart, then cut them out. Spread the prepared material on a flat surface and place the paper template of the heart. Then, on the material, draw two identical hearts. Of course, you can use two different pieces of material to get such a different color on each side. It is perfectly solid, cardboard stencil template material in the heart. Use pins to connect the two hearts of materials, so it does not move during sewing. With the aid of machine or hand cut two hearts together leaving niezszyty part where youll attach straps. It must be long enough to be able to wriggle on the other side of the heart. After wywinińôciu lavender fill the heart. Insert ribbon or cord inside, and sew to the end. The tape may be formed in the bow. .

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