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How to cultivate cacti

How to cultivate cacti Cactus is one of the most exciting exotic plants grown in our homes

Cacti are one of the most exciting exotic plants grown in our homes. Most species of cactus plants that are very easy to grow, even from seed. Cacti can be successfully sold in garden stores, but you should know that summer is the best time for them. Here are tips on how to cultivate cacti. Pot. First, select a pot to plant cactus. When you buy a cactus is probably in the pot, which is not long enough for him and be sure to overdo it. Choose a pot slightly larger than the one in which there is a cactus and overdo it. You can immediately take the pot too much, because it can cause excessive watering cactus. Also make sure you choose a pot that has holes on the bottom, through which excess water flows out. Otherwise, the cactus will rot and die. Soils. Then you must choose the right soil for cactus. It is best if you could buy a special land use for a cactus, youll find it in garden shops. However, if you can not buy land for a cactus, you can do yourself. Just to mix equal parts of soil, preferably slightly acidic and sand. Adding some grit to the mix will improve the drainage. Seedlings. When transplanting is best to break up the old pot and remove the parts, so as not to damage the plants. Dig up the cactus country may damage the roots and should be avoided. At the bottom of the new dike small pots of fresh earth cactus and place on top of the creeper. By charging the soil. Cactus should not be heavily watered or placed directly in the sun for about a week after transplantation. This will allow him to adapt to the new Home. After the initial transplanting cacti can have peace for a while, but when necessary, will have to overdo it again. Keep in mind that the cactus grows rapidly during the growing season, ie spring and summer and in winter they go into hibernation, and their growth is stopped. Irrigation. Cacti need more water during the active phase, but should never be watered during hibernation. It is difficult to precisely define the rules of watering cacti, mainly because of their need for water depends on soil and climatic conditions in which they are grown. The best way to check how the cactus needs water and how often they should be watered, is watching him. First, it should be watered so that the pot is about 1-1.5 cm of dry soil and should not be watered until the time when the entire country in the pot will not dry out. To check the status of soil moisture, you must hold a pen - or something - at the bottom and see if it holds some parts of the damp earth. During hibernation, cacti do not watered more frequently than every few weeks. Fertilization. From spring to autumn cactuses can fertilize once every two or three months. Best to use this delicate nitrogenous fertilizers. Light. Cacti need a lot of bright light, which will be the best window on the south side. If a cactus is not getting enough sun, it should also throw light on artificial light. Temperature. At the time of the optimum temperature for growth of cactus fluctuates between 32-38 degrees Celsius. During the period of hibernation, the best temperature is between 7-12 degrees Celsius, that is, they occur in their natural environment. The study also showed that low temperatures during the dormant season positively influence the development of flowers. Problems. The most common problems with cacti are caused by inadequate watering. Excess water can cause root and stem rot, and unfortunately, when the roots begin to rot nothing can be done to save the plant. Few pests destroy the cactus, but sometimes it can attack aphids and spider mites, then you should give the appropriate insecticide. Before you buy a cactus in the store, make sure it is completely free of pests.

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