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How to Cat

How cats Each cat has claws, from time to time will feel the need for developing and sharpening

Each cat has claws, from time to time will feel the need for developing and sharpening. If you do not want to lose your favorite sofa, try scratching post for your cat. You can easily do it in person at home. Here are tips on how to do it. Nail a piece of carpet nails to post. Wrap tightly carpeted bar, try to endure the ending a bit so you can secure with nails. Use a bunch of nails to make sure that the carpet is holding well. Cut the carpet to match the base of your Cat trees provide nail and nail. At the top add a nice colorful piece of cloth. Do not worry if the corners are not set uniformly, and then cover them with a rope. With the end of the nail a series of trailers for the post, right on the carpet. Then wrap tightly around the bar until you reach the top. Secure the rope at the top with nails. Tie the end. Cut a hole in the middle of the base made of carpet, so you can drill a hole, without risk of entanglement with the exercise mat. Drill 4 holes in the base and at the bottom of the post. Take along the foundation and pillar, using four screws. I finished!

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