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How to keep order at home

. To maintain order at home Here are practical tips that will be useful not only a great lady in the house

Here are practical tips that will help you not only the perfect hostess. Everyone of us from time to time looking for new ways to solve the earth seemed to be problems. Do you happen to have been burnt bulb and had to be replaced? Just how hot and unscrew the light bulb? Cables with a TV, computer, radio, and I do not know what else tangled up under your feet? Not sure how to arrange them so that they know who does what? Burnt pot and you have to clean the bowl where the heck. But how to do it, so as not to scratch the glass? These and many other questions are answered below. This is the first part of the leadership. Link to the next section you will find in the final of changes. Let life be easier! You burned out bulb? You must unscrew a hot light bulb to screw in a new and do not know how to do it? With the help of old tennis balls will come. Cut ball in half and place the bulb in half an abdominal ball. Its easier than you think. Socks protect the floor from scratches. If you go around the Renewal socks are perfect to protect floors from scratches sliding furniture. Push the socks on his feet, chair, tables and cabinets. Move them with confidence. Not only to protect the floor, it will be easier to move your furniture. To clean the candle? Candles are soy and chicken should also be clean. Often we do not know how to deal with dusty wax. But here come with old socks or tights knee. Put them on a candle in the middle and rotate it to the spawning material. The candle is clean. Pochlapałeś paint furniture or floors when painting walls or other objects? Or pochlapałeś yourself? Do not worry. If you commit a baby oil droplets in the paint also helps you to remove it. Surely it is significant that feeling when you need something outside of the wall, and you do not know which wire to catch, because all the tangles. Or maybe still touches down on the cables under the desk? Nervous, cause you can not hold the cable in place. And it is very simple. Only zepniesz them to buckle their underwear at the ports, to know where the cord and the legs are tangled in them. Freshness is the key in the refrigerator. Unfortunately, sometimes spread to different products in different flavors, such as, if not necessarily to be moving into other products. If you want to avoid this in the fridge for your list and put the vegetables. Newsprint absorbs odors. Would you like to clean the drain pipes? Reach for the salt. Make a solution 1/2 cup salt per gallon of warm water. Pour the prepared mixture into the drain in the sink, tub or sink. Salt will also help clean the iron. Just plug the iron and wait for it to warm up alone. It is important to turn off the steam. Rash piece of paper a little salt and iron it hot iron. Disc clean up nicely. Olive oil cleans items made of stainless steel. Put a little olive oil in a clean, soft cloth and polish the sink, refrigerator, microwave and kettle. Then wipe the surface to be cleaned again with paper towels. Would you like to clean the inside of your purse? Go to the rolls of duct tape on clean clothes. Remove the material from the bag and roll ride, and all the dirt on her trailer. Baby oil will clean chrome bathroom faucets, faucets, doorknobs, and everything else. Put a little olive in a clean, soft cloth and get to be polished. Or maybe you want to get rid of lipstick with mens shirts left there in more or less under certain circumstances? If the shirt is machine washable spray lipstick, hair spray, leave for 10 minutes, then wipe with a damp sponge or cloth. Put machine wash as usual. Aluminum foil can be worn with a persistent, przypalonym vessels. Lets agree that every thing happens sometimes burn. Even you. In order to properly scrub the dish or pot urwij some aluminum foil and fold it into a ball. It can safely clean burnt pot, without fear that something from scratch. The film has no such possibility. To maintain order at home - practical tips - p. II. III. IV.

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