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How to freshen up old furniture3333333333 ?

How to refresh old furniture Is your old furniture lost their luster news Rattan furniture is dirty, the seats are pozapadane on wooden furniture, there are cracks If so, please read the following tips: Recovering seafront woven furniture / u? Braids can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner with a special tip

Is your old furniture does not gloss news? Rattan furniture is dirty, the seats are pozapadane on wooden furniture, there are cracks? If so, please read the following tips: Restoration of furniture woven Braids can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner with a special tip. Get rid of stubborn stains with a brush dipped in the blood a little thinner. For rattan and wicker furniture gleamed not apply to furniture wax with a clean cloth. Sunken seating wicker or rattan furniture Turn the chair upside down and lubricated for a few minutes with a clean sponge dipped in warm water. The upper part of the seat must remain dry. Turn the chair, put on your feet and let it dry. Collected and dried tresses will be stiffer. Repair seat seaweed wicker If the seat is cut, squeeze a little white glue on the bottom and glued paper with masking tape. Scratches on wooden surfaces You will need to putty or paint the same color as the furniture that you want to renew. Follow the instructions on the packaging. Cleaning wood furniture Do not use for cleaning and polishing of wooden furniture in a spray of lemon freshness, because they can damage the surface boxes, chairs, tables or desks. Additives some sprays you can not delete anything. They enter into chemical reaction with a layer of furniture and become insoluble. Some of them never fully dry out, causing dark spots through the bonding of dust and dirt. Wooden furniture should be especially protected from moisture and avoid the water. Good practice is to use shims under the boat. If the surface of the wooden furniture is intact then use once a year wax protection system. Wax should be close to the color of furniture, acacia wood, a little lighter and darker to the oak. If the surface of the furniture is frayed or cracked it should be secured from any chemicals. Dents in the wood furniture Students can be removed using steam. If the wood is painted, then prick them several times a recess to allow penetration into the central pair. Dent put on a clean damp cloth, lay on top of a thick towel and ironed a few minutes of well-heated iron. As I dry wood will be filled holes a little color.

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