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How to plant a tin

Tin How to plant zinnias are plants that are sown directly into the ground

Zinnias are plants that are sown directly into soil. They bloom from late June to October, and up to about 40 inches tall - refined tin up to 1 meter -. One of the ways Seeds sown in boxes cynii temperatures of 16-18 ° C - or, in the framework set out in the light of such a temperature in the room - the end of March. After the release of the first true leaves peaks - exaggerate - seedlings in small cups or yogurt, for example, after being in the range of 5x5 cm. After about 20 May to the end of the young plants transplanted to a permanent location - sunny with a prepared soil - see 5 - in the span of about 20 cm. Bidirectional Seeds can be sown directly into the ground in early May - see 5 -. Then tin bloom until late July and early August and will have fewer flowers. Soil and position cynii Tin should be planted in fertile, well nawiezionej and moisture. There May be a loamy soil. If it is then it should be mixed with sand and compost, peat or plain. The site should be sunny.

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