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How napkin rings bows

How napkin rings

Looking for a unique idea for decorating the table? Well check out better than beautiful, handmade napkin rings. Make a ring with a bow. On the table look very sweet. They are very easy to do, even to start your adventure with applique. Measure and mark the fabric rectangle measuring 10 x 15 cm. Two days in a colored material, and two white. Cut it. Place the colored rectangles on a white right-side up. Sprayed them. Then put them to one another, so that the color of the rectangle in the middle and white on the outside. Sorted by the rectangles on the machine. Leave a piece niezszytego, but on one side, preferably not one. Cut the corners of the rectangle. Turn the rectangle on the right side. Niezszyty sew up the end of the page. With twelve pieces string, cut a length of thirty inches. Merge them together and attach to the countertop or plate, as shown in Fig. Share your wires are in three groups of four strings. Start plait tail. Then make a circle with a braided wire and cut the end of the machine, as shown in the picture above. Cut off the protruding ends. Take the end of the string. Catch a rectangle in the middle of the material and shape of the arch. Is tied in the middle of the string. Put a bow on the back zaplecionego sznureczka made from the ring. String, which is wrapped around the ring material start to finish him connected with the port. Top string zawlecz needle with a big ear. Route the cable several times about it already wrapped around the ring material. Cut the tip sznureczka. Napkin ring on the bow ready. In the same way to complete the other rings in the set.

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