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How to brighten colored leaves felt pad

How to brighten colored leaves pillow felt cheap and relatively easy way of embellishing pillows?

Inexpensive and relatively easy way to decorate pillows. A piece of felt and sewing machine is all that separates you from the beautiful autumn pillowcases, which will become a decoration of each room or bedroom. Take a moment to complete this project. I can assure you that its worth. Download available in this in the template. Print in six copies, each 140% higher than the previous one. Odrysuj individual templates on felt and cut them. The lowest leaf should have the lightest color, larger leaf size - the darker color of the felt is used for its implementation. Choose a place on the pillow where you want to coat. Measuring the difference in inches between the largest and second leaf from the end. Sew the largest leaf on the pillowcase, which is a seam at a distance from the edge of the sheet that came on the basis of measurements carried out a moment ago. For convenience, needles attached sheet. The largest, dark leaf, red leaf necklace. Put it right in the middle of the first sheet and attach pins. Obszyj sheet around, keeping the seam as before, the distance from the edge. Similarly, the center of a necklace of red leaves in brick-red color. Continue in the same way naszywajÄ…c list: orange, yellow and light yellow. Tailors chalk to mark the center of the smallest leaf. From the point of the main lines that pass through the successive peaks of the leaves. These lines are slightly bent. Relying on the zrobionym in the previous election, break the lines drawn in chalk on a machine stitch a bit rarer. Your multi-colored leaf, has a consistent look, with the dashed lines are important veins. If desired, cut the leaf petiole dark brown felt and sew the pillowcase. And here is the same bag in shades of purple. As you can see, regardless of the color matching the pattern looks great.

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