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How to make a lamp with lace

How to make a lamp with lace These lanterns look elegant, and at daylight and dusk

These lanterns look elegant, and in daylight and dark. Lace provides a discreet play of light and shadow, the lantern-lit interior gets a mysterious and romantic character. Taki lampioniki perfect for dinner for two, or any other occasion where you can expect to find in solitude and silence. Youll lace - preferably in the form of broad bands, but it can also be a napkin, which cut the selected area - small cups, scissors and hot glue gun. Cut a strip of lace about 1 cm longer than the scope of tumbler. If you are not ready to lace, just cut a piece of paper napkins, there is a risk that there could be a broken crown. Then cure it with a hardener to the fabric. If you do not, you can cut the edge of the crown spread clear nail polish and let dry. Wrap the lace around the glass glue and hot glue. Apply glue to the glass of several places to ensure the crown well. Glue the crown. Lanterns ready. Insert the plain heater or heater LED. Wait until evening to see how you have made changes to decoration of the room.

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