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How to make a wreath of apples

How to make a garland of beautiful apples, autumn home decorating

Beautiful, Fall home decoration. Mother Nature gives us his marvelous gifts, why not use them? With apples and make them a crown. The perfect arrangement of the kitchen or hallway. If you enjoy decorating your home for the season, this project just for you. Another advantage is the smell of apples, which will be spread throughout the house. Prepare all necessary materials. I do not give the quantity of apples. It all depends on how long you want to have a crown. Take an apple and stick to it, the right to hold, touch the bolt. But not quite. Then Pass the string through the eyelet screw. Then press the apple at the end of the screw. For sznureczka one hand, and tie a ribbon to tie the knot. In the same way sznureczka add another apple. Attaching them to sznureczku threaded lug to about the same distance from each other. Hang in desired location. For apples, you can add a leaf of the tree. They type in apple pin or brooch. Apples can also be found, for example, on the kitchen window. Do not hang up if you do not want.

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