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How to sew a pillowcase folded

How to sew a pillowcase folded easily for sewing designer, and most of all fashionable pillow?

An easy way to sewing designer, and most of all stylish pillow. Transforms your couch sewing pillowcases and pretty cool. Below is a brief and simple guide on how to sew the pillowcase folded. In stores, their prices are quite high, so why overpay when you can make yourself even better? Use these tips and transform your home. Folds of material that can be done in a very simple way. Share your material into strips that are equidistant from one another. The figure marked with dark and bright colors for a change. Mark this distance on the left side of the material, for example, marker. Then lift the second tab at the top, fold in half and sprayed together. See the diagram depicted at all. Sprayed material folds are held. Start with one hand and work your way on the other side. Then run one side of the material on the sewing machine. Set all tabs on one page. Mark is a material dozen or so such places - color lines on the diagram - depending on how much material you have and how to cancel. Then bend the card to the other side, and then run the sewing machine in the opposite direction. Then bend it back in the opposite direction. The diagram shows exactly how it should look like and how will that be to create a bookmark. When you are done just to connect the folded material made from a material that you are ready for the back cover. Remember that you have all the right measure, to eventually obtain appropriate pillowcase on his pillow.

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