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How to make strawberry pillow

How to make strawberry pillow if you want the fruit, summer, choose a decorative pillow, for example, strawberries

If you want the fruit, summer, choose a decorative pillow, for example, strawberries. It is very easy to cut and sew. I think that even people who begin a career with the stitching fail. And these bags are perfect for your childs room or on the balcony. Materials on strawberries Measure two triangles with sides equal to 60cm. Cut it. Cut two triangles. Place the two triangles to touch myself right. Connecting the two sides of a triangle with one another on a machine or by hand, as you get more comfortable. Now develop triangles sewn II fold, so that the center seam left, as shown in the picture above. Measure from the top, about 7cm sewn and select a bookmark. Then cut off about 2cm from the top of the line. Place the material again, so that the sides were sewn on the right and left, not in the middle as before. Now bend the ends of the cut-off corner of the photos displayed. You should get something like a diamond. Now staple ends together. Turn right side of fabric. She is ready to fill. Fill in future cotton strawberries. Collect the two long sides and staple them together. Then, tailor the successive doszyj strawberry and it connected to previously. Stuffing in the middle of the cotton staple the rest of the material, cotton is in the midst of an invisible eye. It should look like strawberries at this stage. The green leaves of strawberry materials for drawing shapes in the picture. Cut it. Blades should be large enough to easily covered strawberries in advance. Merge right sides together two półlistki. Top of staple them together with the card as shown in the photograph. Here you can see more detail. We turn now staple items on the right side. Insert the card - łodyżkę cotton. Put a little cotton around the stem. Stitch entire leaf in the list with a button on its side with a protruding łodyżką. Łodyżka in the middle. But do not staple anything to the end. Then reverse the whole łodyżkę pulling from the inside out. Sorted rest of tucking the edges inward. Ready to connect the needle stem strawberries. Then you sew. Here is a pillow ready - strawberries.

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