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How to make frames from a jar

How to make frames from jars Sometimes you can throw a jar of good grief, but on the other hand, empty jars, take up more space and no longer know where they put them to use means other than milk?

Sometimes you can throw a jar of good grief, but on the other hand, empty jars, take up more space and do not know where you put them? Use it differently than just milk. Take one container of crayons, a vase or ... picture frame. This last idea sounds pretty incredible, but it has its advantages and I am sure will attract some of you. Jar, wash, remove all labels and glue them on. Now leave the container to dry thoroughly or wipe dry. Measure the height of the jar. If necessary - because it is a project can use all types of vessels, from small to large - to adjust the image in the jar. Measure them and cut them to fit properly in the jar. Then slide the g image upside down in a bowl. Invert the jar. The frame is ready! Take several of these fields with jars of different sizes and different shapes. This will create a very interesting angle photography.

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