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How to make a maze of carpet

How to Make a 3D maze of carpet mats are more expensive than regular flat carpet, so that for many of us are not available

3D carpets are more expensive than regular flat carpet, so that for many of us are not available. But found a way. Buy plain colored carpet that you like and will fit into the room, slide it on the carpet and replace it with 3D. It is very easy. See for yourself. Measure the size of your carpet - if the carpet is too big a place you can cut it yet -. Measure the width of the tape, youll be using. Design your own maze of adequate dimensions and carpet tape. On the whole carpet or on a piece - if you do not want so that it can reduce the carpet, see The first - which has been used adhesive tape strips, as shown in Fig. Then ponaklejaj strip in the opposite direction to create a network. Do not forget to keep an equal distance. Then use a knife and start to cut the peel off some parts of the labyrinth glued to plan you prepare. It should look like a maze is ready to cut the tape on the carpet. Now run a razor to shave the hair and start your carpet, surrounded by strip. But do not push the knife all the way. He goes even further. -Pile carpet will be placed on the carpet and its surroundings. Every now and then remove them to not bother with further cuts. Do not forget to press down on the razor at all times with the same force and not to follow him to the very bottom. Then reduce the unnecessary part of the carpet - if you decide to do the maze all over the carpet, because the example does not fit into the desired position or simply do not need such a big carpet. It should look like the carpet at this stage. Begin to peel strips of carpet. Vacuum carpet and corrections razor. Vacuum carpet again. Operation. Place the rug in the desired location. It does not look nice?

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