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How air freshener in the toilet

As air freshener in the toilet Purified Sodium has excellent absorbing odors

Baking soda has excellent absorbing odors. So why not take advantage? With it you can do for yourself, easy and cheap air freshener. You can not just put it in the toilet, but in the kitchen, closet or near a garbage can. Try it. Wash the container thoroughly to remove all labels. Allow to dry completely. Make a hole in the cap in the selected format. Fill a bowl with 1/4 of its volume of soda. Add 6-8 drops of essential oil. Mixed. Turn the jar. Air freshener is ready. You can set the selected location. Once in a while to shake the jars zruszaƂa soda, so it will work better. If you have the ability to decorative and a little imagination you can decorate your new purifier, such as paint or airtight jar by taping on something.

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