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As a unique way of using beer

As a unique way of using beer There are many opportunities to reap the beer

There are many opportunities to reap the beer - except for his drink and entertainment, and is often associated with it. The truth is that beer can be used not only for drinking. There are many things we can use a beer. Here are some of them. Marinated meat. Instead of wine, try to marinate meat in beer. Not only tastes better [especially beer lovers], but also thanks to him the meat is softer and stronger. Trawo grow! If you do not want to grow grass in the garden and the lawn does not seem to want to pour the beer in those places where the grass is resistant. In addition to the ingredients contained in beer, in conjunction with the sun once every two grass shoots. Farewell snails. Fill a bowl half a beer and put them into the ground in the garden. Snails are attracted by the smell of beer and going to drown him. Get rid of mice. Fill about 2/3 cans of beer [preferably cheap, not to overpay] and put in place where you have a problem with mice. Resist the bucket holder for writing notes, as well as access to a mouse was able to wdrapania bucket. Following the scent of your mouse clicks into the bucket, but I do not know how to get out. Take advantage of your stomach. If your stomach hurts just sit back and drink beer. This will help to turn your stomach. But remember not to overdo the amount of beer. The splendor of gold. Moisten a soft, clean cloth with a beer and start to polish gold jewelry, and restore luster. The second - with a clean cloth to wipe the item dry. Swimming in the beauty of beer. Pour a few cans of beer in the bath. Believe it or not, youll notice the difference when you exit the water. Yeast in beer softens and smoothes the skin. Polished wooden furniture. Cloth soaked in beer polish all wood furniture. Furniture will be refreshed and will be the glory.

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