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How to clean jewelry

How to Clean Jewelry Women love jewelry, but for some it is even true passion, and thus care about her pleasure than hard work

Women love jewelry, but for some it is even true passion, and thus care about her pleasure than hard work. Here are some ways on how to facilitate the cleaning of our precious treasures. Precious stones polish with a soft cloth, and from time to time, we soak them in warm water and a little ammonia. Setting the stone, clean gently with a toothbrush, then rinse it under running water and pat dry with a soft cloth. Some stones are not taken in the sun, so do not wear them to the beach. These stones are emeralds and lapisy, opals and topazes, too strong influence of solar radiation can change its characteristic color. The habit of not washing hands when removing bracelets and rings, can lead to their destruction. Both soaps and detergents can affect the luster of gold and silver. How silly of gold shone like new, you should lubricate it with onion juice and a few hours, polish with a soft brush. If we want to revive and clean up our gold chains, let us use for this purpose the ashes of cigarettes or cigars. Much like cigarette ash is not baking powder. Just sprinkle a bit of damp cotton-wool and clean it with gold. If we can not deal with the node in the chain, skropmy tangled place a few drops of oil and leave it for several hours. After that time, the node should be easy to decipher. Easy to clean the blackened silver paste is standard. If you do not often wear their silver ornaments, keep them wrapped in aluminum foil, so it does not cover the black spots. If you wear pearls, make sure you do not use hair spray or perfume. Inadvertently sprayed immediately wipe the beads. Pearls are generally very fragile, if we want her to wash, we put them in the Bard with soap and water, and should not be used without ammonia. Amber and wash in soapy water, be careful not to stay too long in the water, and buff them out right, otherwise it may lose luster. Opals are very sensitive, from time to time, soak them in cold water, because when they lose moisture, they can explode. Stone, glass is cleaned in water with vinegar. Finally, if you have a problem distinguishing real from artificial diamonds, just put them in clean water. A real diamond sparkled in her will, as always, proves to be artificial and boring.

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