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In water the basil

How to water Basil Basil is an aromatic, green plant, which has been used for centuries to flavor dishes przeróżnym and calming teas

Basil is an aromatic, green plant, which has been used for centuries to flavor dishes przeróżnym and soothing teas. Moreover, the worlds healthiest foods - World healthiest foods - Basil contains essential oils to fight bacteria and is full of healthy ingredients, such as magnesium, vitamin A, beta-carotene and flavonoids that protect cells. Basil is an herb commonly resistant, which has some basic needs, including: the sun, soil rich in nutrients and water naturally. Water consumption is something special - not too much, not too little, just in time. Growing basil outdoors: Basil Water with lukewarm water in order to increase the strength of its growth. Irrigation plant, just around the base. Do not water the leaves. Make sure that your plant receives about 4 inches of water per week. It can be shipped to you or rain. Regularly check the soil, which is built up. Consistency in the country depends on the temperature and humidity. This soil moisture is recommended at all times. Provide adequate drainage plant. You need to plant them in well-irrigated land, which does not tend to hold more water and do not become soggy. In the case of standing water, especially the young Basil, is susceptible to fungal infections. Consider installing an irrigation system for efficient pan helps to maintain healthy basil plants. Growing basil in the room: Need to plant basil in a pot with holes on the bottom, which will serve as an outlet to the plate. Check the soil every day. It should be moist but not soggy. Do not let it dry. Basil water until the water starts to flow onto the plate. When it stops pouring some water flow finished its process, and then immediately empty plate.

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